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The Field of Study

  • Skin care

    It is the first basic cosmetics applied to the skin. It cleans the skin, helps to supply and maintain moisture, and supplies the oil and nutrients necessary for the skin. There are moisturizers such as lotions and creams, as well as cleanser products for cleansing the face.
  • Makeup

    It can be divided into the base makeup stage that brightens the complexion and corrects the skin tone and the skin curvature, and the 'color' makeup that randomly colors the face. We can develop products such as base makeup, BB cream, and cushion for the correction of skin tones.
  • Body care

    It is a product used to clean the skin of the body. We can develop various scrub formulations and peeling formulations in addition to body wash, cream and hand cream.
  • Hair care

    It is a product for scalp cleansing and hair nutrition. We have the technical skills of unique hair care formulations for essence, tonic, and hair-dyeing shampoo.
  • Packs

    We can develop products such as sheet masks, wash-off packs, and peeling off packs that help restore the skin's condition by attaching a sheet with nutrients and moisturizing ingredients on the desired area, such as the face.
  • Perfume

    It is a fragrance product that makes a new image when used to the body or clothing. It can be applied to perfume products.