• CEO Greetings

CEO Greetings

Since its founding in 2014, YEGREENA Co., Ltd.
has been making ceaseless efforts to create products which make our customers beautiful.

As a cosmetics ODM/OBM specialist, it has grown with the goal of producing the best quality cosmetics based on customer trust from product planning to production.

Now, in order to become a leading cosmetics company, it will continue to strive and devote itself to providing excellent quality products based on the corporate philosophy of unity,
action, and R&D.

And, it will do its best to realize the dreams of beauty-oriented customers without fear of change and innovation.

Furthermore, it will leap forward to become a global excellent company by maximizing corporate value as well as the value of customers and employees.

We promise not only to be the center of the Korean cosmetics industry, but also to stand as a global leader in the world.

CEO Seong Soo Han