• Product Introduction
  • products that can be produced

Product Introduction

products that can be produced
  • Skin care

    General cosmetics

    Toner, toner pad, lotion, emulsion, facial cream, eye cream, essence, ampoule, serum, mist, cleansing foam, bubble cleanser, cleansing pad, men's cosmetics, etc.

  • Makeup

    General cosmetics

    Base makeup, BB cream, tone-up cream, BB cushion, etc.

  • Body care

    General cosmetics

    Body wash, body lotion, body mist, body oil, liquid type bath preparation, soothing gel, cleanser for women & men, hand wash, hand lotion, foot wash, foot cream, leg cooling gel, etc.

  • Hair care

    General cosmetics

    Shampoo, rinse, combination product, treatment, hair tonic, hair essence, hair cream, hair lotion, mousse, spray, gel, glaze, hair clinic, etc.

  • Packs

    General cosmetics

    Mask pack, wash-off pack, peel-off pack, cleansing pad, peeling pad, toner pad, tone-up pad, etc.

  • Perfume

    General cosmetics

    Perfume, eau de perfume, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, etc.

  • Functional cosmetics

    Whitening & wrinkle improvement cosmetics, acne relief cosmetics (for body cleansing), sunscreen, hair loss relief functional cosmetics(shampoo, treatment, hair tonic), etc.

  • Quasi-drugs, etc.


    External disinfectant (hand sanitizer), etc.

  • Quasi-drugs for animals


    Cleansers (shampoo, ear cleaner, eye cleaner, treatment, etc.), deodorants, hair/skin care products (hair care mist, multi-balm, etc.), foot-related products (foot cleanser, cream, essence, multi-balm, etc.)

  • Household chemical products


    Diffuser, deodorant, fabric perfume, detergent, disinfectant, etc