• Welfare System

Welfare System

Statutory/company welfare system

  • Four major insurances

    health insurance, national pension, employment insurance,
    occupational health & safety insurance

  • Retirement pension

    defined contribution retirement pension (DC)

  • Allowance system

    overtime pay, holiday (overtime) pay, annual/monthly leave allowance

  • Holiday/vacation

    annual, monthly leave, half-day leave, condolence leave, Labor Day

  • Family Day

    Leaving work on time every Wednesday

  • Flexible work system

    operation of staggered working day

  • Holiday gift

    Lunar New Year/Chuseok holiday gift

  • Physical training

    Table tennis, basketball, and fitness facilities available

  • Clothing-related

    uniform provided

  • Club support

Performance compensation/work ability

  • Performance incentives

    Performance incentives paid in addition to salary based on sales

  • Student financial support

    support for tuition (university)

  • Education and training

    new employee training (OJT), job competency improvement training, leadership strengthening training

  • Outstanding employee rewards

    Outstanding employee commendation & reward support

  • Rewards for long-term employees

    plaques and rewards for long-term service (5, 10, 20 years)

Work environment/company welfare system

  • Cafeteria

    Lunch/dinner (during overtime) provided

  • Commuter Bus

    Commuter bus operation to and from work

  • Department dinner expenses

    Quarterly department dinner expenses paid

  • Business vehicle

    Use of a business vehicle when traveling for work.

  • Celebration/commemoration

    Employee birthday congratulatory money, admission congratulatory money for the employee and his/her immediate family, founding anniversary gift

Maternal protection system

  • Support for childbirth incentives
  • Support for paid leave for prenatal checkups
  • Shortened work hours during pregnancy
  • Prenatal and postnatal leave
  • Spouse maternity leave
  • Parental leave
  • Shortened working hours during childcare period